Did the Vets For a Strong America anti-Obama ad darken the president's skin?

President Obama’s complexion appears to be significantly darker in a recent Vets For a Strong American commercial. The anti-Obama ad criticizes him for taking credit for authorizing the operation to kill Osama bin Laden. Business Insider:

While most internet commentary regarding Vets For a Strong America’s anti-Obama ad has focused on how the commercial criticizes the president for excessively playing the hero regarding Osama bin Laden’s death, Mother Jones is zeroing in on a different controversial tactic.

“I haven’t seen anybody point out the truly most egregious part of the video: the obvious attempt to make Obama look like a criminal thug by darkening his image,” Kevin Drum writes, pointing to two images that are identical except for the tone of Obama’s skin.

(Interestingly, the ad featured the headline “Obama Spikes The Bin Laden Football” that recently accompanied one of Drum’s articles on Mother Jones).

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