Joe Walsh: Democrats want Hispanics and blacks dependent on government

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Tea Partier Rep. Joe Walsh, (R-Ill) is in the headlines again. theGrio wrote about him when he said that Obama was only voted in because he was black. In March, he called Obama a ‘sexy messiah‘, and last year he accused the media of protecting Obama just because he was black.

Walsh has a history of bashing Obama, rejecting his proposals and attacking Democrats. Walsh even recently stayed silent as a constituent called President Obama a socialist, Nazi, Communist.

At what appeared to be an all-white town hall meeting in Schaumberg, Ill., Walsh went on a rant about what he believed was a plan by the Democratic party to make Hispanics “dependent on government just like they got African-Americans dependent.”

Walsh even went further to say “Jesse Jackson would be out of work if [African-Americans] weren’t dependent on government.”

Watch the video and tell us what you think…

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