Police shoot, kill south San Francisco teen Derrick Gaines

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NBC Bay Area- Derrick Gaines’ mother is trying to process the fact her 15-year-old son will never be coming home.

Police say a South San Francisco police officer confronted the teenager and his buddy at a gas station parking lot Tuesday night because they were acting suspicous. They say Gaines refused to cooperate and, at some point, took off running and pulled out a gun.

South San Francisco Police Capt. Mike Brosnan said that lack of compliance escalated to the point where the suspect produced a handgun from his waistband. “In turn, our officer in the protection of his own life discharged his weapon,” Brosnan said.

The Gaines family wants a full investigation. They say the teen wasn’t violent and that the police went way too far.

“This is a boy … he didn’t deserve to be killed. He didn’t deserve to be killed,” stepfather Michael Red said.

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