'Obama Girl' Amber Lee Ettinger attends the 'Dressed To Kilt' charity fashion show benefiting Friends of Scotland at M2 Lounge on March 30, 2009 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Amber Lee Ettinger, the Internet star who the media dubbed “Obama Girl” during the 2008 campaign, has said she is not yet ready to support the president’s re-election. The viral video “Crush on Obama,” which starred Ettinger and was produced in 2008, spawned over 100 million views on YouTube and she quickly became known has the then-candidate’s most enthusiastic supporter. Although Ettinger says that Obama has accomplished a lot in his first term and that the president does not get enough recognition for what he has done, apparently it’s still is not enough to win her endorsement. The Huffington Post reports:

Amber Lee Ettinger, the model and actress who found Internet stardom as “Obama Girl” in 2008, still isn’t ready to endorse the president’s reelection campaign.

In an interview with the Daily Caller, Ettinger said she was “not as excited as I was the last time, that’s for sure.” That’s not incredibly surprising considering her 2007 YouTube hit, “Crush on Obama,” was a breathless video worship of the then-candidate that has been viewed over 100 million times. But Ettinger also declined to give any support to the president.

“At this point I’m keeping that to myself,” she told the Daily Caller. “If I’m not making videos, I’m not sure it’s anyone’s business who I’m voting for this time around.”

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