Move over, ‘Obama Girl’. ‘Obama Boy’ has stolen your crush.

Who can forget the 2008 election-era Internet phenomenon “Obama Girl?” The YouTube video made model/actress Amber Lee Ettinger an instant celebrity (for 15 minutes, anyway) and even prompted members of the media to inquire about her presidential endorsement for 2012. Turns out, Ettinger no longer has that crush on Obama.

But that doesn’t mean no-one does.

A new video is reviving the “crush” for 2012, updated with a gay marriage theme, thanks to Obama’s “evolution” on the issue. The video opens with “Obama Boy” placing a call, inter-cut with video of Obama’s announcement that he supports same-sex marriage rights. Various scenes reprise Ettinger’s scantily clad romp through various spots in New York City, or standing in front of a cardboard photo of a beach, acting out her breathless love for the then presidential candidate. Obama Boy is similarly enamored, expressing his love while standing on a subway platform, playing basketball, or interacting with people wearing Mitt and Ann Romney masks.

The lyrics reflect the parody artist’s happiness that Obama has come around on an issue gay right supporters were less thrilled with him on, four years ago.

“Way back in 2008 … you just couldn’t relate,” the song begins. “Your evolution… you’re my solution!”

Referring to the controversial California proposition banning gay marriage in that state, the singer continues, “I put down my Prop 8 sign… now I’m going to make you mine… cause I’ve got a crush on Obama!”

So far, the video has attracted more than 38,500 views on Youtube. He’s got a long way to go to catch Ettinger, however. At its peak, her video garnered over 100 million Youtube hits.

But hey, it’s only June.