Three high school students were suspended at a high school in Baltimore, Maryland after a racist picture was drawn on a classroom blackboard.  The drawing depicts three nooses and grave marker with President Obama’s name on it and  racial epithets below it.  The drawing was seen by students outside of that classroom after it was posted on Twitter. The Baltimore Sun reports:

Students at a Baltimore County high school drew a racially offensive picture on a classroom board last week and then sent it out on Twitter, prompting the principal to call police and suspend several students.

The picture, drawn during class at Eastern Technology High School, shows three nooses hanging from the rafters of a building, according to Baltimore County police spokesman Cathy Batton. Beside the ropes are a burning cross with three stick figures in pointed hats, suggesting the Ku Klux Klan. To the right is a grave marker with the name Barack Obama at the top; under the president’s name are two racial epithets.

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