Rap karaoke ends in a 100 person brawl

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Outside Red Rock Cafe in Gaithersburg, Washington, a 100 person brawl broke out leaving 1 person shot and more than 6 people stabbed. The cafe held a rap-karaoke event that was getting very popular. People had traveled all the way from Philadelphia to attend the event.

According to NBC Washington, the fight started inside of the club between two females. It quickly escalated and was moved outside where people were using salt shakers as weapons.

“It was chaos. From what I’m told one pushed the other and the other didn’t like being pushed…I’ve never seen anything like it.” said a representative from the club.

Neighboring business owners are also worried about the effects that the fight will have on their businesses “When this kind of thing happens, it hurts my business too. People get scared and they don’t want to come to this shopping center.” said another business owner.

Today, it seems that the nightclub will be turned into an Indian restaurant as a way to avoid having another violent experience at the shopping center.

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