A person’s race and ethnicity must be taken into account when deciding whether they were free to leave an encounter with police, the Washington Supreme Court.
/ June 9, 2022
Food banks’ labor and distribution costs are climbing at a time when their demand is rising, and their donations are slowing.
/ May 12, 2022
Fair housing advocates announced a deal to end a lawsuit against real estate company Redfin that will expand housing in communities of color.
/ May 4, 2022
The family of Manuel Ellis, a Black man killed by police, has reached a $4 million settlement with one of the two government agencies.
/ March 23, 2022
Russell Wilson
Sources say Seahawks have agree to trade Russell Wilson to Denver. The blockbuster trade is contingent on Wilson passing a physical.
/ March 9, 2022
Qayi Steplight theGRIO.com
The superintendent claims disciplinary action has been taken after a student yelled “gorilla,” a racial slur, at a basketball player.
/ January 21, 2022
A shooting at Tacoma Mall left one person seriously wounded and sent hundreds of Black Friday shoppers fleeing for exits or hiding in stores.
/ November 28, 2021