President Obama's half-brother George appears in conservative Dinesh D'Souza documentary

George Obama, the president’s half-brother, is featured in an upcoming documentary featuring conservative author Dinesh D’Souza. The documentary, entitled 2016: Obama’s America, is based on D’Souza’s controversial book The Roots of Obama’s Rage. The president’s youngest brother is featured in the film in a short interview conducted by D’Souza.

In the interview, D’Souza continuously presses George Obama to comment on the president’s role in his life and whether the president has “helped” him overcome poverty. D’Souza’s claims he was first made aware of George Obama in a CNN report that showed him living in Nairobi in small shack barely large enough for one person. Surprised that the president had allegedly done little to help his family in Africa, D’Souza interviewed George to find out how he felt about his brother the president.

In the interview, D’Souza references a speech President Obama gave where he quoted the well-known biblical tale of Cain and Able and explained to the audience that we are all our brother’s keeper. D’Souza asks, “You are his brother, has he been your keeper?” George Obama responds, “Go ask him he has other issues to deal with.”


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