Sharpton hosts re-enactment of Romney fundraiser

Al Sharpton took a different approach in discussing the Romney fundraisers in The Hamptons last weekend. At the fundraisers, individuals were charged $50,000 and couples $75,000 to attend either lunch or dinner which helped Romney raise as much as $105 million for the campaign. Reporters from the New York Times and LA Times wrote  lengthy pieces including some interesting quotes from guests at the events.

Instead of listing what was said, Sharpton had actors dressed in stereotypical Hamptons attire; bright-colored polo shirts, shorts, tennis rackets — and perform actual quotes by Romney supporters.

“I don’t think common person is getting it. I just feel like if you’re lower income — one, you’re not as educated — two, they don’t get how it works.”

Sharpton would then respond with his commentary on the quote, “Common people don’t get it, don’t understand how it works. Are you serious?”.

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