Ex-'Good Times' star Jimmie 'JJ' Walker slams Obama on 'O'Reilly Factor'

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Jimmie ‘JJ’ Walker, best known for his catch-phrase ‘Dy-no-mite’ on Good Times, told Bill O’Reilly in a Fox News interview that he did not think Obama should be president. According to Mediaite, Walker argues that just because Obama is black and people like him doesn’t mean that he should be re-elected.

70s sitcom star Jimmie ‘JJ’ Walker sat down with Bill O’Reilly in an interview today that mostly hit on Walker’s dissatisfaction with President Obama. Walker described Obama as someone who makes you feel good, but the economy is still in bad shape and it’s not enough for African-Americans to keep supporting him simply because they like him.

Walker made it clear he also likes the president, but “he’s not a good guy for the job we have to do.” O’Reilly said to Walker that when he says things like that, he must get lots of pushback from the African-American community. Walker explained why Obama’s race simply isn’t enough for him to get black support.

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