Officers in Florida taser man 3 times for jaywalking

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Officers in Cassleberry Florida apparently take jay walking very seriously. According to WFTV,  Zikomo Peurifoy and his friend Noelle Price jaywalked when Cassleberry police asked for ID but Peurifoy refused. The officers then attempted to arrest Peurifoy who said repeatedly, very clearly ‘this is assault, arrest [the officer]’. With his arms in the air, officers used the taser on Peurifoy three times before they finally put him into cuffs. Price is heard repeatedly yelling for the officers to get their supervisor.

But Captain David Del Rosso, the deputy chief in Casselbery, doesn’t think that his officers did anything wrong. In fact, Del Rosso is proud of their actions. “They handled themselves, they were very polite; it’s a shame that the defendants here didn’t cooperate,” said Capt. David Del Rosso. The chief told WFTV that he would use the video to train other officers on how to handle out of control suspects.

It was discovered after his arrest that Peurifoy did have a weapon on him. It was registered. Though Cassleberry Police say that Peurifoy took a fighting stance, which was why they tasered him so many times, he never once took out his gun.

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