Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey said Wednesday that Jim Rogers “didn’t deserve to lose his life at the hands of city police officers.”
/ March 24, 2022
The LAPD is looking into the case “due to the possibility of force being applied to Hayes’ neck during the use of force.”
/ August 28, 2021
Florida trooper George Smyrnios is captured on video approaching teen Jack Rodeman — who he said looked “suspicious” — with his Taser drawn.
/ June 24, 2021
Jamal Sutherland, who battled mental health issues, was repeatedly subjected to a Taser and pepper sprayed in a jail cell.
/ May 15, 2021
Zekee Rayford Schertz Taser www.theGrio.com
Zekee Rayford’s violent arrest and tasing by police in Schertz, Texas in front of his home was captured in a viral video.
/ November 5, 2020
Ben Carson Rayshard Brook theGrio.com
Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson thinks Rayshard Brooks’ death is not the same as George Floyd’s. He said the circumstance is not precise.
/ June 14, 2020
A 15-year-old tried to run from cops who were investigating a rash of burglaries, but when they caught the innocent boy, they chose to shock him as well
/ July 24, 2019