Obama Urn

Just when you thought that all the available options for urns were boring and outdated, a Vermont based company has come up with a solution. Cremation Solutions can make an urn to the likeness of any individual from one or two photographs using 3D imaging. They can even add a wig if the individual has very long hair.

Now, Cremation Solutions also have an urn of President Barack Obama available either in keepsake size ($600) or life size ($2,600).  The company’s owner, Jeff Staab, who has worked in the funeral business for many years, came up with the idea when he noticed that more and more people were ordering urns with engravings and pictures.

According to the Daily Mail, the Obama urn was completely accidental. Staab used Thatsmyface.com to get samples for his idea but they were afraid of being sued after he asked them to use a celebrity’s face. “They were supposed to send me a George Clooney, but I opened the box and it was President Obama.” he said.

Staab made it clear that he does not wish any ill will on the president and that urns did not sell very well because they were to realistic. He’s considering altering them to look more like a bust from ancient Greece.

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