Schwarzenegger jokes about smoking marijuana with Obama: 'He didn't share'

Arnold Schwarzenegger made a joke at President Obama's expense in Men's Fitness Magazine...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger made a joke at President Obama’s expense in Men’s Fitness Magazine. The Daily Mail reports when asked about sharing pot with Obama in the seventies, the former bodybuilder and Terminator actor called it the greatest fabrication told about his life. This was because Obama “didn’t share”

It seems Arnold Schwarzenegger has knocked Barack Obama off his moral pedestal by joking about smoking marijuana together.

The Terminator actor was rather ambiguous in answering a question about the President, claiming their dual quest in getting stoned was the ‘worst lie’ he had ever heard about himself.

However, in the next breath, the 65-year-old quips that father-of-two Obama was a poor choice in partner when it was time to get high as he ‘didn’t share’.

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