Aaliyah posthumous album: Late singer's family does not support Drake project

The family of the late R& B singer Aaliyah is putting to rumors that they have a role in any posthumous album release to rest.

Aaliyah’s brother, Rashad Haughton spoke out on the gossip following rapper Drake’s buzzworthy release of the song “Enough Said”, which featured never before heard vocals form the late singer.

“There is no official album being released and supported by the Haughton family,” Rashad Haughton said in a post on Aaliyah’s Facebook fan page.

For weeks there have been reports that Drake may be executive producing Aaliyah’s first posthumous album and that the release of  “Enough Said” is the first track off said album.

The song has received mixed reviews, especially from fans who believe that close friends and producers Timbaland and Missy Elliott should be involved in the project.

“I know they trying to drop some Aaliyah records, but if he do it, it should be with me and Missy [Elliot]. The proper way for him to do that would be for me, him and Missy to be all on the record. But to put it on his record, would just not be right,”   Timbaland recently told New York’s Power 105.1 radio station.

Beyond the alleged album, reports of an Aaliyah biopic also did not seem to go over well with her family.

“No female I’ve seen can play my sister,” Rashad Haughton also posted on Aaliyah’s fan page just an hour after his post regarding upcoming album release rumors.

The release of the song “Enough Said” comes just weeks before 11th anniversary of the singer’s untimely death on August 25, 2001.

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