The latest Obama campaign video doesn’t feature any Hollywood actors and actresses, NBA players, or even fellow politicians in support of the president’s re-election. This video features “DJs for Obama”.

They are described as a group of DJs that have come to together in order to the support President Obama‘s re-election, according to the video’s narrator, DJ Cassidy.

“DJ’s are about motivation, inspiration, celebration — that’s why I think it makes perfect sense not only to celebrate this man, but to motivate to reelect him,” Cassidy says.

Cassidy also gives suggestions about how people can be involved in the election process.

He encourages them to learn more about the issues and use their talents to aid in campaign efforts.

Recently, the campaign’s YouTube page has featured singer Beyoncé showing her appreciation for the first lady, and actress Sarah Jessica Parker’s ad for dinner at her house with the president.

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