Former Democratic Alabama Congressman Artur Davis, once an Obama supporter, is now Republican and will be speaking at the GOP convention. This week the Democratic National Committee released an ad pointing out Davis contradicting his own words from just four years ago. Davis’ old allies in the Democratic Party aren’t letting his change of political views go without drawing attention to his prior support for the president.

thGrio: Artur Davis gets RNC speaking slot, blasts Biden comments as ‘insulting’ to blacks

The Pop Up Video-style ad features Davis, a former Democratic congressman from Alabama, delivering his 2008 presidential nominating speech in favor of President Obama.

Throughout the ad, small boxes appear, or ‘pop up,’ on the screen giving examples of how President Obama has followed through on several points Davis spoke about.

The ad also suggests that Davis’ change of heart is not about the president, but about drawing attention to himself.

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According to the Huffington Post, Davis responded to the add by saying, “my old Democratic friends are reminding me of an old rule: In politics, if you fear someone is getting through and people are listening, attack them as fast as you can.”

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