Who’s been on a winning streak more than Frank Ocean this summer? The short answer is no one. The Odd Future crooner has been tapped to perform at MTV’s Video Music Awards and he’ll be singing on the 38th season premiere of NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Since politically incorrect Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane is hosting the September 15th episode, we can only imagine how Ocean’s sexuality might will be referenced in the upcoming skits.

The “Bad Religion” singer already had considerable buzz prior to his debut album, Channel Orange, dropped July 10th but as rumors of Frank’s possible bisexuality began to circulate before his release, he later confirmed via his blog that his first love was another man.

Ocean wrote:

“4 summers ago, I met somebody. I was 19 years old. He was too. We spent that summer, and the summer after, together. Every day almost, and on the day we were together, time would glide. Most of the day I’d see him, and his smile. By the time I realized I was in love, it was malignant. It was hopeless.”

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Since his coming out, Channel Orange has received rave reviews, with some critics calling it an instant classic. It’s really nice to see Frank Ocean enjoying the fruits of his labor.

Do you think the singer song writer will knock ’em dead at the VMAs? Let us know what you think below.

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