Jonathan Goldsmith as 'The Most Interesting Man in the World'

The distinguished, grey-bearded gentleman who stars as “the most interesting man in the world,” in series of popular Dos Equis beer commercial is hosting a fundraiser for President Obama‘s re-election. The actor, Jonathan Goldsmith, is based in Vermont and has been active supporting local Democratic candidates. The Huffington Post reports:

“The most interesting man in the world,” the iconic spokesman from Dos Equis beer commercials, might not seem like an overtly political character. Giving his thoughts on the “two-party system” in one ad, the bearded gentleman advised in his gruff voice, “the after party is the one you want to attend.”

But Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor who plays “the most interesting man,” appears more willing to get involved in party politics. He’ll be holding a fundraiser for President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign on Tuesday in Burlington, Vt. Tickets for the event range from $20 to $500.

Goldsmith has a house in Vermont, and he’s been linked with the state’s Democrats before. Earlier this year, he met with Gov. Peter Shumlin (D).

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