Matt Berninger of The National (Photo by Simone Joyner/Getty Images)

Ohio band The National claims they have received negative feedback since they openly supported President Barack Obama‘s re-election campaign.  Aaron Dessner, who plays guitar and keyboard in the band, told Ohio State’s newspaper The Lantern, that the band has received “hate mail on Facebook.”

The indie rock band was at Ohio State University last week to help register students to vote, and performed a concert as part of Obama’s GottaVote campaign to encourage young Americans to register to vote and back the president.

The band’s lead singer Matt Berninger said the band “feels that the stakes are even higher this (election).”

Ohio natives, the band’s five members are aware of their state’s impact on presidential elections.

“Growing up, you always felt the significance of Ohio’s going Democrat or Republican in presidential elections,” said Dessner.

The National has made it clear that despite the backlash, they will continue to support President Obama and the Democratic party this fall.

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