Highway sign in Romney, Texas vandalized and spray-painted 'Obama'

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Highway drivers seeking to enter Romney, Texas were greeted with a blatant political message this week.

That’s because the word “Obama” was spray-painted in black over the green and white sign.

The small town about 120 miles outside of Forth Worth just happens to share a name with the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The vandalism upset local resident Carolyn Michnoff, who sent the photo into NBC5 . Michnoff called the  act “shameful” and said it was not a good way to express political opinions.

A nearby resident, Sandra Koonce, says her 10-year-old daughter noticed the sign when they were driving to soccer practice last week.

“Mama, they crossed out Romney, and somebody spray-painted Obama,” she told her mom, according to the Dallas Morning News.

After the child gave it some thought she realized what was done and said, “That’s not very nice.”

When reached for a statement, a dispatcher at the Eastland County sheriff’s office said that they have “absolutely no comment” about the vandalism.

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