When Nick Gordon gave the late Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina a ring back in August, there were rumors circulating that the siblings-turned-couple were engaged.

First look: ‘The Houstons: On Our Own’

The rumor was denied by the couple, claiming that the huge sapphire stone bordered by diamonds was just a gift.

However, a sneak peek posted on E! Online from the new reality series The Houstons: On Our Own, reportedly shows Bobbi Kristina confirming that the couple is in fact engaged, and the news may not make the Houston family very happy.

Whitney Houston’s mother Cissy has reportedly come out in opposition to Bobbi and Nick’s relationship, allegedly calling “incestuous.”

Based on the first snippets of the new show, there is a sense that the rest of Houston family is not too pleased with Nick’s actions either. One scene appears to show him trying to pick up another woman just a few feet away from Bobbi.

In the E! Online footage, her aunt can be heard saying, “Engagement? This is unacceptable.”

The sneak peak also showed a family member dressing-down Nick, saying, “no one knew from a godson, you would turn into a boyfriend. No one knew that.”

There also seems to be a genuine concern for Bobbi Kristina’s well-being when her aunt said, “I hope Krissy is not grieving in the wrong way.”

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