Whoopi Goldberg defends Stacey Dash's right to endorse Romney

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Actress Stacey Dash, who caused a firestorm recently by tweeting her support for Mitt Romney via Twitter, has an unlikely defender — Oscar-winning View co-host Whoopi Goldberg.

Although Goldberg is a supporter of President Barack Obama’s re-election, she thinks the backlash against the former Single Ladies star has gone too far.

“In America, where we all live,” Goldberg said, “we have the right to say, ‘Listen, I have a different opinion’ — without having some bonehead sitting in their house talking about, ‘You should be thinking like I think.’ No! That’s not America.”

When Goldberg’s co-panelist Barbara Walters asked her if she believed all African-Americans are expected to vote Democratic, she argued, “It’s because people have gotten so solidified in left and right that they’ve forgotten that there is a middle. I don’t know that it’s about race because what I’ve discovered on Twitter is that not everybody who says they are what they are, is what they are.”

Goldberg has never been one to shy away from speaking out about race and politics. Early this month she got into a heated clash with conservative pundit Ann Coulter over claims in her new book Mugged that liberals have “never cared” about civil rights.