Lamonica Anganette Hill

A woman in Lexington, Kentucky is telling police that when she set her apartment on fire while her heavily-medicated son slept inside, she was sleepwalking.

Lamonica Anganette Hill, 41 told firefighters that she was dreaming about being at a barbecue during the time of the fire. But police investigators say that her story doesn’t add up.

“I can’t speculate on her motive to telling that story but obviously we have enough evidence to know that that was not the case in this situation” said Captain Carrie Bowling with the Lexington Fire Department. She said she could not elaborate on the evidence.

According to Lex18, court evidence shows that Hill’s son was given an overdose of medication on the night of the fire, and his escape route was blocked.

Hill is charged with arson and attempted murder; investigators can’t give more information, as the case is pending.

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