R. Kelly
The man convicted of witness intimidation against Azriel Clary in R. Kelly’s New York trial was sentenced to eight years in prison for arson.
/ November 18, 2021
Portland New Church
Police believe a fire that damaged a Portland church early Sunday morning might be racially motivated arson.
/ September 29, 2021
Milwaukee Bucks v Brooklyn Nets - Game One
A New Orleans home believed to be owned by Jay Z and Beyoncé caught on fire this week and is now being investigated as an arson.
/ July 24, 2021
Gail J Metwally
Gail J. Metwally has been charged with first and second-degree attempted murder, first-degree Arson, first-degree assault and more.
/ May 6, 2021
Crime scene
The Fire Department and the Chicago Police have confirmed a deadly house fire that killed two people was an arson.
/ March 2, 2021
Protests Minneapolis Third Precinct
Four men were officially indicted on federal charges in the burning of a Minneapolis police precinct today.
/ August 26, 2020
Prosecutors have identified Sydney Parham as the woman who was shown setting a Jeep on fire in a viral video. She has been arrested for arson.
/ July 25, 2020