80-year-old arrested for taking down poster portraying Obama as Hitler

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NBC Connecticut – In the midst of a heated political season and with the election just weeks away, you expect to see political signs everywhere; but a controversial sign in Hebron got a woman riled up, and arrested.

Nancy Lack, 80, was driving by the post office on Main Street in Hebron, when she saw some signs showing President Barack Obama with a mustache similar to the one worn by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Lack said she was so offended by the images that she took the posters down.

“I just got very angry that they would do that to [President] Obama’s image,” Lack said.

“I took the one by the road and the two by the table,” said Lack.

The posters were from LaRouchePAC, which backs presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche, and supports impeaching President Obama for what they describe as “war crimes, cover-ups and blatant violations of the constitution.”

Lack said when she removed the posters, she knew she would get in trouble. Some workers with LaRouchePAC tried stopping her, but Lack wouldn’t back down.

“A woman was following me to the car and I put the posters in the car and I said, ‘Make sure you get my license plate.”

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