First lady Michelle Obama wows at New York City fundraisers, makes appearance on 'Live!'

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President Obama has reportedly hung up his stump speech as a fundraiser headliner for the season. Yet, first lady Michelle Obama is still gunning on the campaign trail, making personal appearances, and hosting luminary-filled parties. And she is tireless for the cause.

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“I am fired up and ready to go, myself,” the first lady told a large crowd gathered in New York City on Wednesday evening to contribute to the Democratic Committee’s coffers. Speaking at a star-studded event called “America Sings” held on Park Avenue, Obama drew impressive guests including Chris Rock, Sigourney Weaver, Cynthia Nixon, Blair Underwood and James Earl Jones.

As Michelle continues to promote her husband’s message, she is making a big impression on the many eager listeners who flock to her appearances. “She gave one of the best speeches I’ve heard in my life,” one woman said of Mrs. Obama at the Big Apple fete. Attendees paid amounts starting at $1,000 per ticket for the gathering, which drew approximately 350 people.

In addition to making her typical campaign bullet points, first lady Michelle Obama took a jab at Mitt Romney for threatening to cut PBS funding during the first presidential debate. “We all know good and well that cutting ‘Sesame Street’ is no way to balance our budget,” she said. “Shortchanging our kids is not how we tackle our deficit.”

But that was just one stop on the first lady’s regional whirlwind tour. According to Politico, “The first lady also attended a fundraising luncheon at a Long Island country club earlier in the day, where tickets started at $250 and another 350 guests attended.”

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Next stop? Live with Kelly and Michael of course, where Michelle Obama made headlines by revealing an amusing bit of intimacy from the first couple’s  private life in a segment that aired this morning. When asked what she prefers President Obama to wear — boxers or briefs — the first lady jokingly responded, “None of the above.”

Michelle Obama, who is more popular than President Obama, used these various venues in a short New York minute to remind voters that it is important to participate in the political process. She also underscored why she believes her husband is the best candidate and most deserving of the public’s support.

“I’m proud of how he carries himself with consistency, and poise and decency and honesty,” Obama told Live hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan.

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