Whoopi Goldberg faces Twitter hate after Ann Romney 'View' interview

theGRIO REPORT - Whoopi Goldberg faced a barrage of angry and insulting tweets from Mitt Romney supporters following a segment on "The View" featuring Ann Romney and one of the five Romney sons...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Whoopi Goldberg faced a barrage of angry and insulting tweets from Mitt Romney supporters following a segment on “The View” featuring Ann Romney and one of the five Romney sons.

On the Thursday episode of the weekday talk show, Goldberg asked Ann Romney why none of the Romney men, including her husband and sons, have never served in the military, inquiring whether the reason for Romney’s lack of service during the Vietnam was due to a religious deferment based on his Mormon faith.

“Now, I believe that your religion doesn’t allow you to go fight,” Goldberg said.

“No, that’s not correct,” Romney responded. “We have many, many members of our faith that are serving in armed services.”

“OK, um, well I say that because when I read about your husband, what I had read, and maybe you can correct this, is that the reason that he didn’t serve in Vietnam was because it was against the religion,” Goldberg asked. “That’s what I read, I’m sorry.”

“No, that’s not correct,” Romney said. “He was serving his mission. My five sons have also served their mission.” Romney later added, “I sent them away as boys and they came back men.”

The “mission” Mrs. Romney was referring to was a Mormon mission, which Mitt Romney and his sons have participated in under the auspices of their church.

Conservative websites erupted over the exchange, with the Daily Caller and other blogs accusing Goldberg of getting her facts wrong. That prompted an outcry on Twitter when the outlets tweeted their stories.

“Oh drop dead you friggin Marxist c–t. That’ll make u strong, too,” tweeted one social media denizen masquerading as New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger. Another, John Longuirato, wrote: “ahahaha, You tried to make Mrs. Romney look silly, But Your THE BIG DUMMY. they can Fight In WAR….dummy!” Others branded Goldberg a “racist” and demanded she apologize.

Dozens of Whoopi’s 294,000-plus Twitter followers came to her aid, including Shannon Shipp, who tweeted, “I thought your question was spot on! As a retired Navy Senior Chief, I think it is important and valid question!” Tweeter Glenn R. Smith had a more sarcastic take: “11th commandment thou shall not question a Republican.”

And Goldberg took the hateful comments in stride, tweeting her thanks to those who engaged in productive conversation, and later adding: “I have been retweeting the ugly tweets I’ve been getting because I want All 2 see how far we have slipped down the chain, the racist name calling by folks claiming to represent a different party than mine, Claiming the Republican Party as kin, I want us all to see this and figure out if in fact this is ok. I don’t think so, and wondered if anyone else cared on this Tge anti bullying day. Good night sleep in the light.” [Sic]