Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted made a name for himself in the 2012 presidential election, but not in a positive way. MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry penned an “open letter” to Husted, which she presented on her show on Saturday. The following is an excerpt from Harris-Perry’s “Dear Jon” letter…

Given all of the focus on Ohio this past Tuesday, and then the results, I felt like my letter this week just had to go to one particular Buckeye.

Dear Ohio Secretary of State Husted,

It’s me, Melissa. May I call you Jon?

How are you feeling today? Still a little sore, I’d imagine. Getting beaten so forcefully with all that backlash had to sting a bit. Probably gonna leave a mark. After all, you spent the better part of this year throwing the full force of your power as secretary of state into restricting the right of some Ohioans to vote. And on Tuesday, it boomeranged back upside your head something fierce.

After Ohio governor John Kasich and state Republican legislatures tried to restrict early voting the weekend before the election, President Obama’s campaign sued to restore early voting for all Ohioans. When a district judge agreed with the Obama campaign, you gave us the first indication of just how far you’d go to stop people from voting.

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