Voting Rights

Civil rights leaders reflect on the achievement of the Voting Rights Act and the challenges that threaten the fundamental right to vote. 
/ August 6, 2023
Alabama redistricting, voting rights,
New laws in GOP-controlled states have added new barriers to the ballot box for Black voters. But we’ve been here before.
The plaintiffs in a redistricting case in Alabama say lawmakers defied a court ruling to give Black voters a second majority-Black district.
/ July 21, 2023
Warnock says the issue of voter suppression is a “911 emergency,” and a legislative response is crucial to sustain American democracy.
/ July 20, 2023
NAACP President Cornell William Brooks Discusses August March From Selma To D.C.
Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin weighs whether to restore the civil rights of convicted felons who have served their time.
/ July 18, 2023
Activists and experts have conflicting opinions on the Supreme Court’s decision to have Louisiana redraw its congressional map potentially.
/ June 27, 2023
Supreme Court lifts hold on a Louisiana case that could force the state to redraw congressional districts to boost Black voting power.
/ June 26, 2023