Chris Brown Protest in Stockholm @Sweden

Although Rihanna seems to have forgiven Chris Brown, many Europeans aren’t over the infamous domestic violence incident between the former couple.

@Sweden, the country’s official Twitter account (which is run by a different Swede each week), posted a picture of a sign outside of the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, where Brown is expected to perform on November 19th.

The poster shows the leaked photo of Rihanna‘s bruised and battered face after Brown attacked her.

Many of Brown’s American fans appear to have forgiven Brown for his violent actions.

Meanwhile, the couple are rumored to be back together, which has allegedly caused friction in Rihanna’s friendship with Katy Perry.

Brown also received strong support with the release of his last album F.A.M.E., which garnered a Grammy Award for Brown in 2012.

But in England, Brown’s latest album Fortune was vandalized with stickers saying “Chris Brown beats women. Enough said.”

Those responsible for the poster, who are unidentified, want the concert canceled.

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