The Biden administration is easing one of its last remaining mandates meant to contain the spread of the coronavirus.
/ June 10, 2022
An adviser to the World Health Organization calls the outbreak a “random event” that might be explained by sexual behavior at European raves.
/ May 23, 2022
Curtis Headley of England has taken a bold step into the skin care market by developing a product for Black men.
/ March 12, 2022
UK Covid Face Mask Rules Tightened Over Omicron Variant Fear
The new omicron variant of the coronavirus was reportedly first detected in western Europe before cases were confirmed in South Africa.
/ November 30, 2021
It took place two days after a massive crackdown on migrants in a western Libyan town that resulted in the roundup of at least 4,000 migrants.
/ October 3, 2021
As the summer arrives COVID-19 cases drop dramatically in Europe although there are worrisome signs in other countries.
/ May 29, 2021
Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka has pulled out of next month’s Stuttgart Open after confessing to being homesick.
/ March 25, 2021