Petition urging Macy's to 'dump' Donald Trump gets over 500,000 signatures

theGRIO REPORT - A petition on asks the retail giant Macy's to end their relationship with Donald Trump...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Following President Barack Obama’s re-election, Donald Trump went on a tirade insulting the president and the election process.

“This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy!” he said via Twitter.

He also claimed “our nation is a once great nation divided” and “the world is laughing at us.”

And he encouraged a “revolution in this country.”

After all of Trump’s outbursts in the past year, this seemed to be the straw the broke the camel’s back for some of his critics.

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A petition on asks the retail giant Macy’s to end their relationship with Donald Trump, citing, among other things, his racially charged birtherism, and denials of climate change.

“The list goes on. But the point remains, Macy’s should dump Trump,” it reads.

Over 600,000 people have signed the petition.

Macy’s currently carries Trump fragrances and his clothing line.

Recently, Macy’s CEO send Trump a letter expressing his excitement to work with the business mogul on the expansion of their partnership. The petition argues Macy’s is violating his their own policies by doing business with Trump.

“Macy’s boasts about its social responsibility policy, which reads: ‘There is no shortage of talk about the obligation of public companies to be socially responsible to the people and communities where they do business’ … So, act and dump Trump.”

Trump’s spokesperson fired back at the writer of the petition.

“What I find incredulous is that the creator of the petition is protecting his First Amendment right to free speech while simultaneously trying to impede upon Mr. Trump’s,” said Michael Cohen, executive vice president and special counsel to Trump, told Celebuzz. “It’s ironic.”

Now legendary singer and actress Cher has entered the fray in a Twitter war with Trump. “

“I’ll never go to Macy’s again! I didn’t know they sold Donald Trump’s line! If they don’t care that they sell products from a loudmouth racist cretin, who’d lie like ‘his rug’ to get some cheap press! I can’t believe Macy’s thinks he’s the right ‘man’ 2 represent their name!” she wrote on Twitter.

Trump responded: “I don’t wear a ‘rug’—it’s mine. And I promise not to talk about your massive plastic surgeries that didn’t work … It’s amazing how people can talk about me but I’m not allowed to talk about them.”

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