Arizona gun store ad: Obama voters 'not welcome'

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Throughout his presidency Barack Obama has been viewed as an enemy of the gun industry. Yet one Arizona gun store is taking that supposed animus to a new extreme.

The Southwest Shooting Authority, a gun store in Pinetop, Ariz., has published an ad its local paper following the presidential election declaring that Obama voters are barred from their establishment.

“If you voted for Barack Obama, your business is NOT WELCOME at Southwest Shooting Authority. You have proven you are not responsible enough to own a firearm,” reads the full text of the ad.

“It is about the direction that this country is going and the direction it’s been going for the last four years, and I feel like the people that voted for him are by and large the ones that are on the many entitlements and free stuff that they’ve been getting,” the store’s owner, Cope Reynolds told the Huffington Post.

“If someone really believes that this country can get any stronger and do any better under the leadership of Barack Obama, then I don’t feel like they’re responsible enough to own a gun,” he added.

Although President Obama has yet to actually enact any new or stricter gun control laws, Reynolds fears he will in a second term because now ‘he has nothing to lose.”