Israeli Defense Force lieutenant faces backlash for blackface 'Obama' Facebook post

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Sacha Dratwa, 26, head of the New Media Desk for the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), spent a day at the the Dead Sea’s mud baths and posted a blackface photo of himself with the controversial comment “Obama style.”

The recent conflict between Israel and Hamas has put Dratwa into the public limelight because of his role as the lieutenant behind IDF’s social media campaign. He is in charge of IDF’s official Twitter page and has become the most media-visible branch of the IDF.

“I’m not a racist, please stop [spreading] lies about me,” Dratwa said in response to criticism his tweet has received.

The backlash from this photo has forced Dratwa to block public access to his Facebook account completely.

Dratwa wrote on his Facebook page:

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