'Key and Peele' land 3rd season on Comedy Central

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The hilarious comedy duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, better known as Key and Peele, have announced their return to Comedy Central for a third season of their popular sketch comedy show.

“Since Obama won re-election, it only seems fair that we would give Key & Peele another season,” Comedy Central head of original programming and production Kent Alterman said.

Key and Peele’s show not only includes satires of the president, it also lampoons racial stereotypes in general.

Keegan-Michael Key recently told Huffington Post that the most exciting thing about the show was how their growing online presence would “affect what [they] do in the future.”

“Without even knowing we were doing it, we were writing sketches for the Internet!” he said.

For instance, Key and Peele’s “Obama Loses his Sh*t” viral video has over 5 million views on YouTube.

“We are so thrilled about the pick-up and want to thank Comedy Central for four more years,” the comic duo said in a joint statement following their renewal. “Oh wait, what’s that? One more year? Oh… OK, that will work too.”

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