Judge Wade McCree and Geniene La'Shoy Mott

The Michigan judge that made headlines this past Spring for texting a topless photo of himself to a married bailiff is back in the news after accusations that he got a witness pregnant while presiding over her child support case, according to Fox Detroit.

Judge Wade McCree, who is married, allegedly had an affair with Geniene La’Shoy Mott after she brought her ex-boyfriend into McCree’s court for failing to pay child support.

McCree and Mott allegedly shared text messages discussing potential punishments for her former boyfriend, Robert King, and a fling following the case turned into something more.

Mott has now come forward because she was promised certain things she says have not been carried out.

“I met him as a litigant, a complaining witness in his courtroom, and he stayed around after the case was over and that’s when… our relationship picked up,” Mott said. “It went from being a summer fling and just something to do… to falling in love, promises of marriage, me getting pregnant, us buying a house together, name it.”

After McCree’s wife found out about the baby, the couple separated. Mott said she was still going to keep the baby, despite McCree offering her “anything she wanted” to have an abortion, Mott said.

McCree has since gone to the authorities and accused Mott of stalking, but investigators found his complaints baseless, according to Fox.

The relationship that Mott and McCree had turned for the worse, but Mott says she realizes what she was getting into, but had faith that it would work out.

“I believed him with everything,” Mott said. “His actions showed me that he was leaving. He filed for divorce. I mean, there was nothing to say that we weren’t moving forward.”

McCree, who specializes in trying sexual misconduct cases, is no stranger to the news. In April he was busted for texting a near nude photo of himself from the waist up to a married court bailiff on payroll.

When confronted by Fox 2 News, McCree had a surprising reaction — he admits, quite proudly, to not only taking the picture, but to having sent it to various women.

“Hot dog, yep that’s me,” McCree said. “I’ve got no shame in my game. I ain’t talking to nobody else’s wife. You can almost get that here and now.”

The husband of the bailiff called the behavior of McCree “highly inappropriate.”

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