RGIII has somehow exceeded the completely unrealistic expectations that were put on him before the season began. He has changed the culture of the Redskins while becoming the most exciting player in the league.

He has flashed his track star running ability several times this year, and it’s been one of the reasons the Redskins have the No. 1 ranked rushing offense. But what has really impressed is just how deadly RGIII has run the newly-implemented pistol offense.

RGIII has been playing with a sprained PCL for the last two weeks, an injury that has robbed him of his explosion. But he has still been effective because he’s so deceptive running the read option with Alfred Morris, so accurate finding receivers on short outs and slants, and so smart in not turning the ball over. The efficiency that RGIII displays in the Redskins’ offense is the main reason why the Redskins are on a seven-game winning streak.

Wilson has proven everyone wrong this year. He’s shown detractors who questioned his height that he has some Drew Brees in him. He’s proven the 29 teams that passed on him (and 26 passed on him multiple times, including his own Seahawks), that you could find franchise quarterbacks in the third round. He’s shown that black quarterbacks’ strengths can be described with the words “leader” and “intangibles.”

From the day Wilson showed up, everyone who met him said he had something that couldn’t be taught. He walked in a leader from Day 1. After the Seahawks paid millions for Matt Flynn in the off season, he convinced Pete Carroll in four weeks of preseason football that he should be the starter. And after coming into the league less heralded than RGIII or No. 1 pick Andrew Luck, he’s in the driver’s seat to win Offensive Rookie of the Year.

These three young stars are also three of the most exciting players in the league. They’re all known for being freak athletes, having explosive speed, and possessing the elusiveness of a running back while playing the quarterback position.

But they’re all better known for the other qualities they bring to the position. And those qualities are re-defining the way people look at black quarterbacks.

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