Black Quarterbacks

New England Patriots v Houston Texans
Some Twitter users took exception to national media bringing up Vick’s criminal past more than a decade after he paid his debt to society.
/ December 22, 2021
The New England Patriots have released veteran quarterback Cam Newton, tapping Mac Jones to take over the position.
/ August 31, 2021
Deshaun Watson now has 18 masseuses that have come to the beleaguered quarterbacks’ defense as he faces multiple lawsuits.
/ April 1, 2021
Three more lawsuits were filed on Sunday against Deshaun Watson for alleged sexual misconduct while getting massages.
/ March 30, 2021
Deshaun Watson
Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson now has 13 accusers alleging that he sexually assaulted them during massages.
/ March 22, 2021
The Legacy Bowl to be held in Louisiana next year, will allow more HBCU players to show their talents to NFL scouts.
/ March 18, 2021
Lamar Jackson
The Bills Mafia has contributed to Lamar Jackson’s charity after he was injured in the Baltimore Ravens loss to Buffalo on Saturday.
/ January 19, 2021