Obama witch doctor t-shirts a big hit at Tea Party convention

At a Tea Party convention held last weekend in South Carolina, several attendees wore t-shirts depicting President Barack Obama as a stereotypical African witch doctor.

The text around the cartoon image read: “Your New Doctor: Obamacare coming soon to a clinic near you!”

The airbrushed t-shirt was a hit at the convention.  The creator of the shirt, Bob Cramer, told the Palmetto Public Record that “some people tell me it’s racist, but it’s not racist — it’s political.”  Cramer added, “matter of fact, that’s how I got invited here.”

Cramer told the Record that he sells t-shirts and car decals with the image of the president as a witch doctor on them.  He said within a couple months he was sold out and in need of more to fill requests.

This is just the latest exampled of a racially-charged political t-shirt aimed at Obama.

During the run up to November’s presidential election, numerous anti-Obama shirts, including one that read, “Put The White Back In The White House,” went viral.

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