theGrio’s 100: Mario Armstrong, proving video games can be good for you

theGRIO'S 100 - A self-proclaimed people lover, vegan and shoe addict, Armstrong is the co-founder of the Urban Videogame Academy...

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Who is Mario Armstrong?

Mario Armstrong is an Emmy-award-winning Digital Lifestyle expert for The Today Show, who breaks down latest news in the realm of electronics. A self-proclaimed people lover, vegan and shoe addict, Armstrong is the co-founder of the Urban Videogame Academy.

Armstrong hosts his own syndicated radio program titled The Mario Armstrong Show. He’s also been featured on CNN and NPR.

Why is he on theGrio’s 100?

A man of many talents, Armstrong is an entrepreneur with a passion for technology who uses a variety of platforms to encourage the youth to dive into a field where people of color are underrepresented. As a force behind the Urban Videogame Academy, Armstrong would like to help the disadvantaged children after high school dive into lucrative field of game development.

“Our mission has three basic components: to expose disadvantaged students to career opportunities in video game design and development, to educate them in how to create games, and to enhance learning in academic subjects, such as math and writing, that are important in the video game development process.”

Breaking down the business and technology behind the video game industry not only educates the youth, but converts them from consumers into producer, a task that should be applauded.

“Peel back the layers behind all the bright colors, shapes and action on a video game screen and you’ll find math, physics and literature,” said Mario Armstrong.

What’s next for Armstrong?

Mario will continue to spread his message of elevated technology among the less fortunate. He remains a strong voice among techies that is respected. His video blog is a testament to his loyal fanbase, as he’s collected over 1.5 million viewers.

Be sure to check out his latest coverage at the annual Consumer Electronics Show and what gadgets are debuted at the epic event.

Find out more about Mario Armstrong here.