Google To Open Spaces For Mass Vaccination Sites And Promote Vaccine Education
Multiple current and past employees of the tech company claimed to have been sent away by the human resources department.
/ March 9, 2021
Crystal Etienne is the founder of Ruby Love, a company created to protect those who bleed from menstruation mishaps and incontinence.
/ December 13, 2020
Fareedah Shaheed, one of the change makers featured on Forbes’s 30 Under 30 list this year, teaches online security to non-tech savvy parents.
/ December 6, 2020
Major tech platforms spent billions of dollars enhancing online security to fend off misinformation campaigns that plagued the sites in 2016.
/ November 3, 2020
Aaron Fender, the cofounder of an Atlanta-based, Black-owned coffee company, will be receiving $50,000 from Google’s new initiative.
/ October 18, 2020
Issa Rae
Issa Rae touted her clture enterprise, a data-driven site to remind the Black community that they are shapeshifters in culture
/ April 24, 2020
Blacks in the tech space often find themselves alone or with few people of color around them, but groups are now rising to turn that equation around
/ January 13, 2020