“King used to say that Bimini was so peaceful and close to nature that only God could have created such a spot,” said Saunders. “He loved this place. I could tell when he first stepped on the soil that there was something special about him and Bimini.”

Martin Luther King III instantly understood how important the trips to Bimini were for his father the moment he experienced the journey through Bonefish Creek firsthand.

“ I am sure that dad was quite tired from the tremendous and traumatic stress he was under and to be able to come here to rest, relax and to do writing…it was probably therapeutic.”

There; in the midst of lush green mangroves and pristine blue waters, a similar bust of Dr. King was mounted. Visitors, guests, residents and friends who seek to find true connectivity with nature can now experience that same journey Dr. King took when he wrote his last speech, which was delivered in 1968. He was assassinated jut a few days later.

A colleague of Dr. King’s once told King III that …“your father conquered the love of wealth and the fear of death.” At the Martin Luther King Plaque Project Scholarship Banquet, King III shared how that quote changed his life to live with true purpose and make every moment a victory.

“We can win victories in our neighborhood, we can win a victory in our school, we can win a victory in our places of worship. Some of us will win victories in our cities and nations and some even in our world. But be ashamed to die until you’ve done a little something,” concluded King III.

Proceeds from the Scholarship Banquet supported an effort for full four-year scholarships for Bahamian students to attend Edward Waters College in Northern Florida.

Bimini remains an international haven for visitors to come experience the tranquility that Dr. King loved. The island changed his life and will forever be a revivifying sanctuary for Martin Luther King III and his entire family.

“My wife and I are so honored to have this experience. And so thankful to the people of Bimini and the Bahamas for making this a reality to chart in history forever,” shared King III, “…On behalf of my family I want to thank this nation, thank this island.

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