Martin Luther King III

Martin Luther King III came to Arizona with harsh words for Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, whose refusal to change the
/ January 16, 2022
Martin Luther King III -
The family of civil rights leader Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. celebrated his 93rd birthday by continuing his fight for
/ January 15, 2022
Martin Luther King III
Members of the King family are calling for the national holiday that honors civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King
/ December 15, 2021
President Joe Biden stands by the jury’s verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial saying, “the jury system works.” However, civil
/ November 19, 2021
Martin Luther King III,
Martin Luther King III, son of the late civil rights activist and icon Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., was
/ November 3, 2021
Good Morning America’s T.J. Holmes got emotional on-air while remembering the veteran Atlanta anchor Jovita Moore. Moore, 53, died late
/ November 2, 2021
Bernice King
Bernice King, the daughter of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, called out a Republican Senate candidate for misusing her
/ September 25, 2021