Did Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman attend the President Barack Obama‘s inauguration today? According to Good Morning America anchor George Stephanopolous, he did.

Stephanapolous made an awkward gaffe during ABC’s live coverage of President Obama’s second inauguration today.

When the camera panned over the crowd of people gathered on the National Mall, the television host confused basketball legend Bill Russell, who was even wearing his No.6 Celtics hat, with Freeman.

“That’s Morgan Freeman, I think, right there on the Capitol steps,” Stephanopoulos said before quickly correcting himself.

“No, Bill Russell, I’m sorry,” he said.

While the moment was embarrassing for Stephanopoulos, there are some similarities between the basketball star and actor.

Both Russell and Freeman support Barack Obama, both are are similar in height (Russell is 6′ 9″, and Freeman 6′ 2″), and both are in their 70s (the 78-year-old Russell is just three years older than Freeman) according to NBA Sporting News.

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