theGrio's 100: Susan Rice, shaping Obama's foreign policy

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Who is Susan Rice? 

Susan Rice is the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations,  not only maintaining relationships with countries all over the world, but also serving as a member of President Barack Obama’s cabinet, advising him on nearly every foreign policy decision. She had served in top national security roles in President Clinton’s administration as well, including assistant secretary of state for African affairs. At age 33, the Stanford graduate and Rhodes scholar was one of the youngest ever to hold the post.

Why is she on theGrio’s 100? 

Rice withdrew her candidacy as President Obama’s potential secretary of state in a second term amid intense Republican opposition to her potential nomination. But she will remain at the UN and in Obama’s inner circle on national security policy.

Her achievements at the UN include helping organize support for one of the strictest set of sanctions ever against Iran for attempting to develop nuclear weapons. She was also a key figure inside the administration in pushing for an intervention to support rebels in Libya in 2011.

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Her role is particularly important as Obama has made building strong alliances with other nation’s as one of the chief pillars of his foreign policy vision. And administration aides say Rice is one of the people who best understands Obama’s views and instincts about foreign policy and America’s role in the world.

“Susan Rice is extraordinary,” Obama said of Rice as he considered her as a potential secretary of state.

What’s next for Rice? 

Rice, 48, is likely to be promoted later in Obama’s second term. White House advisers have already suggested the foreign United Nations Ambassador could serve as Obama’s national security adviser, making her his principal aide on foreign policy.

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