Two Los Angeles Police officers who were targets on Christopher Dorner’s hit list spoke publicly for the first time Tuesday.

Emada and Phil Tingirides are married members of the L.A. Police Department.

They, along with their six children, were targets Dorner because Captain Phil Tingirides once recommended he be fired.

“Never, ever did I think somebody would go to this extent in their rage over the discipline that was handed to them,” Captain Tingirides said.

But Dorner did.

The former LAPD officer went on a killing spree that left four dead before he was cornered and killed last week in a mountain cabin that burned to the ground near Big Bear Lake, California.

During the course of his rampage Dorner released a manifesto naming Tingirides and others as part of a racially biased department that had fired him unfairly.

The Tingirides were put under 24 hour protection in their home.

“There were many times we broke down, but we’d go to the garage and cry,” said Sgt. Emada Tingirides.

Both said they read only parts of Dorner’s manifesto and totally disagreed with his allegations of racism within the department.

Chief Charlie Beck, meanwhile, is still promising to investigate those claims.

“I don’t, for a minute, discount the effect the manifesto had on the LAPD,” Beck said.

This was also the first time beck has spoken since the standoff that ended with Dorner’s death, which he said is still being investigated.

Authorities are also working to determine who’s entitled to the $1 million in reward money for Dorner’s capture.