Los Angeles Police Department

Valentina Orellana-Peralta’s parents will appear with Ben Crump at a news conference outside police headquarters Tuesday.
/ December 28, 2021
Cities across America are ramping up previously reduced funding allocations for law enforcement departments, the New York Times reported.
/ October 10, 2021
South Los Angeles blast LAPD theGRIO.com
The Los Angeles Police Department shattered a South LA neighborhood when a bomb squad vehicle exploded with seized illegal fireworks inside.
/ August 4, 2021
LAPD officers charged thegrio.com
USC’s Safe Communities Institute is developing a national database of police officers who have been terminated due to misconduct.
/ May 25, 2021
The young filmmaker was protesting in downtown LA when his LAPD uncle ordered another officer to shoot him with rubber bullets.
/ May 12, 2021
Los Angeles police detectives have decided to close the investigation into Mikeona Johnson’s death due to a lack of leads.
/ April 12, 2021
The woman arrested on suspicion of killing her three children at her L.A. apartment had been involved in a custody dispute with their father.
/ April 12, 2021
antone austin www.theGrio.com
Antone Austin and his girlfriend Michelle Michlewicz have a lawsuit stemming from the incident where they were both arrested
/ April 8, 2021
The LAPD has launched an investigation after a former detective was filmed calling a Black man the N-word following a traffic incident.
/ March 17, 2021
Three Black teens were wrongly detained at a Target in Westlake Village, California during a grand theft investigation according to police.
/ January 24, 2021
Allisha Tillman is still trying to wrap her head around the disappearance and death of her sister, Mikeona Johnson.
/ September 22, 2020
Mikeona Johnson, a young California mother of two, was found dead in the back of her car after she was reported missing the week before.
/ September 18, 2020
LAPD officers charged thegrio.com
The Los Angeles district attorney’s office is looking into over 750 cases associated with three LAPD officers charged with falsifying reports.
/ July 30, 2020
officers thegrio.com
A former SWAT sergeant with the LAPD is suing the department alleging that veteran cops encourage the use of deadly force.
/ July 29, 2020
City leaders voted Wednesday to slash the Los Angeles Police Department budget by $150 million, reducing the number of officers.
/ July 2, 2020
Spike Lee
Kendrick Sampson is one of the few thousand people who took to the streets of Los Angeles on Saturday to protest against police brutality.
/ June 1, 2020
LAPD officer beats up Black Man theGrio.com
Police brutality takes no days off. Another video emerges of members of the LAPD police department violently striking a Black man.
/ May 6, 2020