Kimani Gray’s family, community continue to seek justice

theGRIO REPORT - Family and friends of the late Kimani Gray attended the funeral of the 16-year-old boy on Saturday - but although the slain teen has been put to rest, questions surrounding his death still emerge...

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Family and friends of the late Kimani Gray attended the funeral of the 16-year-old teen on Saturday March 23. Yet, Gray’s family and much of the community where he resided still have questions about the details surrounding his death.

Earlier this month, Gray was fatally shot by two undercover NYPD officers after officers say he drew a gun and aimed at them.

Reported witness accounts, however, and several members of the community tell a different story — that of the murder of a black teen who was unarmed.

“I have been to the scene seven times and had the opportunity to review witness accounts and it all contradicts with what police are saying,” said Kenneth J. Montgomery, a lawyer representing Kimani’s mother, Carol Gray. “From looking at where the body was recovered, he was not in an area to run away. He was trapped.”

Where does the case currently stand?

As of now, family members and close friends await the release of autopsy results, which are expected to provide more detail about the night Kimani died. Many of those involved hope it will answer looming questions and address claims made by the police and the public.

“We have not gotten an autopsy report; once that is available it will shed light on what happened,” Montgomery told theGrio. “Critically thinking, we want to know what happened. We’re not sitting down for the investigation to commence by NYPD. We’re figuring it out on our own account.”

Gray’s mother and city council members close to the family have met with the Brooklyn district attorney to “bring justice” to Kimani’s death, and seek an indictment.

“We are going to reconvene next week and go back to the DA’s office to see if they’ve talked to eye witnesses and review the evidence to see if we can indict the officers,” says New York City Councilman Charles Barron. “The DA shouldn’t leave any stone unturned and needs to let the truth be told.”